CounterPulse x ArtSpan Gallery x (in)Visible

Come check out the CounterPulse Gallery to see the work of our Fall exhibition artists, and stay for the world premiere of (in)Visible by Jess Curtis/Gravity at 8pm.

ArtSpan Visual Art Gallery for Sophie Cook, Claire Rabkin, and Soraya Lane
Showing September 10 – December 2, 2019

“Jess Curtis makes the invisible visible… acoustically and haptically (in)Visible challenges the audience to take on new perspectives.” — TanzRaumBerlin

(in)Visible, a new evening-length work by Jess Curtis/Gravity, dislocates vision from the center of your experience. Developed in collaboration with—and particularly focusing on access to culture for—blind and visually impaired audiences, (in)Visible is created and performed by an international cast of six blind, visually impaired and sighted body-based dancer/performers who dance, sing, whisper and feel their way into your consciousness, bringing experimental dance/performance and sensory accessibility practices into a rich and moving interaction.

Performances Thu-Sun, Oct 3-6 & Oct 10-13 at 8pm

80 Turk Street, SF