Live Mural Painting with Lady Henze

Live Mural Painting with Lady Henze

Lady Henze Art will be working on a mural tonight for Art Walk Online. Tune in Thursday, April 2nd from 6-10pm at

“My art has only one requirement: color. I’m interested in color theory and how color combinations make people feel.

I’m inspired by street artists, neon signs, tile work, architecture, nature, the candy aisle. San Francisco is a great incubator of all those things. My more abstract and wild pieces are a form of meditation, a release after painting more structured art. Behind all my work is my personal struggle with addiction. I paint because I got a second chance at life, because it is the thing that brings me the most joy, and so others know there’s hope.

I have mural art all over San Francisco- a few pieces that are open to the public include The Salesforce Transit Center and on Jane on Larkin off Cedar Alley in the Tenderloin. I have private pieces in gyms, apartments, backyards, and offices scattered throughout the Bay Area, Colorado, Minnesota and North Carolina.”

– Britt Henze


Instagram: @ladyhenze
Venmo: Brittany-Henze