Live Painting with Eric Dyer

Eric Dyer @ericsozone will be doing live painting for Art Walk Online. Tune in tomorrow, Thursday, April 2 from 6-10pm at

What does it mean to be a part of a neighborhood? How often is it we get to take a moment to stop and look around?

Hi! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Eric Dyer—I’m an artist living and working in the Tenderloin. I make paintings and zines about walking around the city. Typically, I find that walking gives us a chance to slow down and for our thoughts to catch up with us. Walking is also a way to for us to connect to the neighborhoods we live in. Walking makes it easier to meet people; to stop and look around. But for now, I haven’t been able to do much walking, as I’m sure is the same for you. Without a day job (and with everything going on) my only obligation is to stay inside as much as possible. So, I’ve been able to spend time reflecting and painting. In life, scenes exist as a memory—a meditation of the past and what is to come. Painting requires me to slow down, like walking through my neighborhood.

Thank you for walking with me on such a beautiful day.

Instagram: @ericsozone
Venmo: EricsOzone