SYSTEM, WACK by Oliver Hawk Holden // R/SF projects

R/SF projects will be open for #sffirstthursday from 6-10pm with our current exhibition on view from Oliver Hawk Holden and a music performance at 8pm by Glass Factory! 

by Oliver Hawk Holden
Shows through August 5th

Oliver Hawk Holden currently lives and works in the Bay Area. Holden’s practice intertwines video, sculpture, painting and printmaking to explore the anxieties and vulnerabilities of day to day life with humor. He is fascinated by comedy’s crude ability to address failure, always waiting for the inevitable truth to be exposed. Within his simplified forms and texts, he creates a space for the viewer to insert their personal experiences into his visual narratives; simply trying to talk to people about people.

Glass Factory is a new band based in the San Francisco Bay Area, originally formed in 2016. They first released a demo and then a 5-song EP in 2017, and have recently released two singles this year and will likely have another multi-track release later in the year. The group uses a mixture of electronic music inspired loops and programmed sounds combined with live rock instrumentation and take musical cues from a variety of artists both contemporary and classic. They can be found at the following links:

Instagram: @glassfactory

R/SF projects
1050 Larkin Street
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