Tiffany Schmierer: Hands in the Soil + Andy Ruble: Hybridization // SMAart Gallery

SMAart Gallery & Studio has two new window shows this month.

Tiffany Schmierer – Hands in the Soil

Schmierer creates complex ceramic pieces that layer imagery, pattern, and texture. She thinks of her sculptures as three-dimensional collages, where chains of ideas are layered

to create a cohesive whole. This exhibition is inspired by her love of gardening, plants, and our connection to nature. The show includes hand-built ceramic planters, sculpture, and wall tiles.

Tiffany Schmierer received her MFA with an emphasis in ceramics from San Francisco State University in 2004. Her artwork has been exhibited in regional, national, and international exhibitions. Her artwork is included in private and public collections. Tiffany Schmierer is a Professor of Art at Skyline College in San Bruno, where she has headed the ceramics program for 11 years. She lives and has a studio in San Francisco, CA. Website:

Andy Ruble – Hybridization

“I create sculpture that explores the hybridization of organic and architectural structure. By observing and referencing details of our universe, which range from the microscopic  (cells, spores, pollen, and bone structure) to the mammoth (galaxies, weather systems, bridges, refineries, and ships), I gather ideas for surface and form.

I have always been interested in how objects in nature form and how manmade objects reflect these same intractable laws. Quite simply, the hybridization of structural references has expanded the possibilities for nature’s pure and perfect geometries. By reducing the sculpture to its pure essence of structure, the work can simultaneously convey the grace of natural arches and cathedral naves. Every structural link becomes an integral part of the piece’s survival as a whole. Much like Buckminster Fuller’s idea of tensegrity, the minimal amount of material for maximum strength drives me to push the ceramic material to the threshold of its tensile strength. How is a simple lattice pattern so strong? How is an eagle wing so rigid yet flexible? These are the questions that fuel my sculptural inspiration.”

August 1st – September 28th

Art Walk: Thursday August 2nd and September 6th, 69pm

Location: SMAart Gallery & Studio,

1045 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Hours: Wed – Sun 11:30am – 5:30pm

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