UNMANIFEST: New Mixed Media Works by John Vochatzer and David Ball

“Everything emerges from a field of nothingness; an unclear, intangible plane of consciousness not obvious to the mind: the Unmanifest. From this place all ideas emerge…

Through the deconstructive process of collage art, this collection of work aims to conjure forth beings and deities with essences not always immediately clear or discernible to the eye. Fragments of images become entirely reborn into new and otherworldly settings, forming portraits and situations so unreal they could have only been extracted from that ancient aether of the mind. These careful, meditative, but playful mixed media pieces frame visions formed in the furthermost depths and through their construction seek to rearrange the fabric of reality into even more inspired and intuitive forms.”

Opening November 4th, this exhibit will showcase new collage based mixed works by San Francisco artists John Vochatzer and David Ball. The exhibit will be on display for the remainder of November 2021. Masks will be required and all San Francisco Covid ordinances will be in effect.